Corporate Culture

Enterprise Vision

We are committed to becoming the world's leading supplier of mould-proof and moisture-proof solutions.

Enterprise Mission

Specialized in the fields related to mildew-proof and moisture-proof products, design and develop advanced knowledge industry and core business to meet the needs of customers all over the world.

Customer  Orient

We will follow the business mode of 'Customer Orient, provide perfect services for customers, and let customers get full respect and attention.

Quality Wins

We will follow the production mode of Quality Wins to provide customers with high-quality products and help customers achieve satisfactory financial objectives.

Managing For Results

We are customer-orient, constantly adjust and formulate business indicators according to customer needs or opinions, and adhere to the benefit oriented strategic policy.

Business Ethics

We adhere to integrity and rigorous professional ethics, uphold the realistic and pragmatic work style, and win the trust of customers and colleagues.

Mutual Respect

We respect the uniqueness of our employees and encourage diversified working methods, so that we can face our daily work with a positive and optimistic attitude, so as to make our work more perfect.

Team Spirit

We believe that working together can achieve greater results than working alone.

Open Communication

We try our best to communicate and share information with people with an open and frank attitude, so as to achieve the goal of open communication.

Committed to Success

We actively help our employees develop their potential and constantly improve their working ability, so as to serve our customers more professionally.

Incentive mechanism

We provide perfect welfare mechanism and reward and punishment system, so that talents with outstanding contributions can be affirmed and excellent talents can be rewarded.

Pursuit of Excellence

We constantly improve the service quality and strengthen the construction of human resources and culture, so that our customers, employees and shareholders can obtain desired benefits and satisfaction.