Enterprise Laboratory

Moldproof and moistureproof lab

Huawin mould-proof and moisture-proof lab provides professional mould-proof, anti-microbial and moisture-proof technical service and products to solve the technical problems in terms of mould-proof and moisture-proof for leather, plastic, shoes, textile, furniture, electronic materials, optical instrument, metal working fluid and other product fields and provides high-quality

mould-proof and moisture-proof solutions.


1. Fungicide bacteriostatic ring test (8 mixed mold; 5 mixed bacteria; 2 mixed yeast,  experimental period: one week):


2. Bactericide minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) test (reference microorganism: 17, experimental period: half a month);


3. Mold perdurability challenge test (agar plate test,experimental period: 28 days):

4.In-tanker persistent anti-corrosion test (Bacteria or mold 28 days, experimental period: 28 days):


5. Total viable count(TVC) (Bacteria, mold and yeast; experimental period: 2-3 days):


6. Microbial contamination field test and evaluation (polluted factory) (experimental period: one week);


7. Compound bactericides performance evaluation (according to the requirement of time scheme);

On-site technical support


A good production environment for quality assurance is an important prerequisite.The following services are provided by this mould-proof and moisture-proof lab:


1.Understand the actual production environment of factory, inspect the degree of contamination by bacteria in the production process, including raw material, product, air, walls and the surface of surrounding objects and carry out relevant microbial testing;

2.For the mould-proof and moisture-proof products being used, necessary compound evaluation shall be conducted;

3.Provide the evaluation of microbial contamination of production workshop and warehouse and propose rectification and reform program;

4.Provide targeted lectures and train technical personnel;

5.Regularly carry out comprehensive anti-mould and sterilization treatment for the warehouse and workshop of the factory.