An essential tool for smoking cigars, how to use double-edged stainless steel cigar cutters correctly?

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Nowadays, as cigar consumption is on the rise, cigar peripherals are also increasing! Among them, cigar cutters are also an indispensable tool for cigar smokers. After all, the finished product of a high-quality cigar is wrapped with cigar leaves on both sides, so it needs to be cut open for ventilation before smoking.


Of course, many people will be curious, why not just use ordinary scissors to cut? That's because cigars cut with ordinary scissors are prone to tobacco leaves falling apart and rough cuts.Only when the cap is cut appropriately, smoothly, and has a moderate caliber can cigar smokers perfectly enjoy the mellow flavor of the cigar.


For this reason, the cigar cutter came into being. It is specially designed according to the shape of the cigar. It does little damage to the structure of the cigar. The cut is cut flat, which can well avoid problems such as scattered tobacco leaves and rough cuts. Maximize the flavor of your cigars.


In addition, there are cigar cutters of different calibers on the market. If you want a richer cigar, you can choose a larger diameter cigar cutter. If you want your cigar to burn slower, you can choose a cigar cutter with fewer cuts. It is suitable for cigar smokers who spend a long time and enjoy cigars carefully.


Today, I will share with you a double-edged stainless steel cigar cutter that is common on the market and favored by cigar smokers. It adopts a lightweight, compact and flat design, does not take up space, is light and burden-free to carry, and is very simple to cut. It is very suitable for For novice cigar users.


1. Select materials - long-term use without rusting

This double-edged stainless steel cigar cutter is made of high-quality stainless steel and has an overall brushed steel body design to highlight its quality, durability and resistance to corrosion and rust.


2. Opening and closing scissors - the cutting is very smooth

At the same time, it is equipped with a rounded opening and closing cutting design, and the appearance has been carefully polished, giving people a double-sided bright appearance. It is not only strong in hardness without gaps, but also cuts smoothly without lag. In addition, the cigar cutter has a cutting diameter of 22MM (ring diameter 55), which can meet most cigar cutting needs.


3. Three-dimensional double circle - comfortable to hold

The artificial three-dimensional double rings can be easily pulled and closed without hurting the hand. It not only makes the hand holding experience smoother and more comfortable, but also accurately cuts the cross-sectional area of the cigar to make the cigar flavor more mellow. full.


4. Exquisite and compact - no burden to use

This cigar cutter is compact in design, easy to use and easy to carry. It is very suitable for traveling or at home. You can put it in your bag or carry it in your pocket without worrying about scratching your clothes or bags.


The use process is also very simple. The usage technique is "one step, two cuts with one knife". Specifically, it only requires four steps, allowing you to easily control this cigar cutter.


Step 1: Find the cutting end, which is the end with the eggplant cap or trademark on the round head.

Step 2: Locate the cutting line. The cutting line must be on the eggplant cap. Determine the size of the incision according to your own smoke volume.

Step 3: Hold the cigar cutter with your thumb and index finger, hold the cigar with the other hand, and slowly place the cigar between the two blades.

Step 4: Gently rotate the cigar left and right, cut hard, and cut in place to achieve "fast, accurate and ruthless".


As the saying goes, if you want to do your job well, you must first sharpen your tools. If you want to enjoy cigars happily, you must first prepare cigar utensils, among which cigar cutters are an essential tool for smoking cigars.


This double-edged stainless steel cigar cutter is a good cigar cutter. It can cut cigars quickly and smoothly without worrying about damaging the appearance of the cigar. It also makes you more comfortable while smoking cigars.