Are the clothes moldy and smelly? Adding anti-mildew fragrance tablets can effectively protect clothes

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As we all know, on rainy or humid days, the clothes left in the wardrobe for a long time will feel wet to the touch, and there will be some spots on the clothes, and even a moldy smell. So why is the wardrobe Are your clothes prone to mold and odor?


There are two main reasons. One is that many clothes are made of natural fibers such as cotton and linen. These natural fibers easily absorb and retain moisture, providing a good environment for the reproduction of mold. Once it is humid, it is easy to become moldy;


Secondly, if clothes are stored in a dark, humid, hot and unventilated place, such as a wardrobe, moisture in the air will accumulate and promote the growth of mold, causing the clothes to become overly moist and moldy.


Therefore, if you want to prevent your clothes from getting moldy and smelly, it’s time to take moisture-proof measures for your clothes. Huawin Anti-Mold Fragrance Tablets are an effective tool to prevent mildew on clothes, especially in places with high humidity or poor ventilation. When applied to clothes, they can effectively protect clothes from mold and mildew.


This anti-mildew incense tablet is made of high-quality plant fiber sheets, and is scientifically mixed with mustard oil, citronella oil, and aromatic essential oils. It is pressed and die-cut into shape. It can not only continuously release anti-mildew factors to achieve anti-mildew effect, but also It can release fresh fragrance and can cover the odor of products very well, so it is very suitable for use on clothes.


Plant-derived essential oils, long-lasting anti-mildew

Anti-mildew tablets are added with mustard oil, citronella oil and other ingredients, which can quickly release anti-mildew factors and form an anti-mildew protective environment. They have long-term anti-mildew protection effects and can well protect clothes from being eroded by mold.


Releases fragrance and slows down odor

In addition to its excellent anti-mildew effect, the plant fiber of this anti-mildew fragrance tablet is also mixed with aromatic essential oils, which not only releases a fresh fragrance, but also firmly locks in the fragrance, keeping clothes away from all kinds of odor troubles.


Small and compact, easy to use

Of course, this anti-mold fragrance tablet does not require a power source or other equipment. It is very convenient to use and can be placed in drawers, shoe cabinets, cars, etc. This is mainly due to its small tablet design, with a thickness of about 2mm and a weight of about 1g.


Of course, during use, the amount of anti-mildew tablets is not always better. The amount should be determined according to the size of the carton and packaging space. Generally, 1-3 packs are used for spaces with a volume less than 0.01m³. Use within a space of 0.01-0.05m³ 3-15 packs. For example, for clothing packaging bags, the recommended dosage is: 1-2 pieces, and if it is placed in a wardrobe, the recommended dosage is: 5-8 pieces.


Light and strong fragrance to meet your needs

According to different preferences, the anti-mold fragrance tablets are scientifically mixed with a variety of aromatic essential oils, with light and strong fragrance, to meet your customized needs.


In short, Huawin anti-mildew fragrance tablets are a widely used household anti-mildew product. Especially on humid days, they can release certain anti-mildew factors and aromatic odors in clothing storage places such as wardrobes and drawers, thus better Protect clothing.


If you want to know more about mold-proof and moisture-proof products, please contact Fujian Huawin Chemical Co., Ltd. We will provide you with satisfactory mold-proof and moisture-proof solutions.