Three Prevention Oxygen Absorber

Product Overview:

Huawin three prevention oxygen absorber uses three layers of water-proof,dust-proof  and oil-proof composite paper film to achieve the functions of water-proof, dust-proof and oil-proof, which can effectively avoid the exudation of oil in the food rich in oil, so that the nutrition of the food is not lost and the taste is more lasting.

Product features: 1 big factory quality, 2 water-proof, dust-proof, oil- proof, 3 stable performance, 4 moisture-proof and fresh keeping

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    Application Scenario

    It adopts independent small package design, and is commonly used for peanuts, rice cakes, moon cakes, Fried Dough Twists, fried and other foods with high water and oil content or other non food products.


    Product Demand


    Why do we need to use three prevention oxygen absorber in food?


    If the food with high moisture or high fat, such as rice cakes, Fried Dough Twists flowers, peanuts, is not properly preserved after packaging or inappropriate Oxygen Absorbers are used, once the oxygen enters the packaging, the oil in the food will be oxidized, which will lead to deterioration problems such as food oil rancidity, oxidative browning, vitamin loss, etc.



    ①Mold commonly known as filamentous fungi, that is, "moldy fungus", its reproduction and growth is closely related to the surrounding environment, mainly depends on nutrients, oxygen, water, temperature four conditions, coupled with the rapid reproduction of mold, often cause moldy food deterioration. Eliminating the oxygen in food packaging containers can effectively destroy the growth and reproduction conditions of mold, so as to solve the problem of food mildew.

    ②Oil rancidity refers to the food containing oil, in the storage process of biology, enzymes, oxygen, temperature and other combined action, and discoloration, smell change and other changes. And the removal of oxygen in food packaging containers, to effectively avoid oil rancidity.

    ③Oxidative browning is due to the combined action of food polyphenolic substrate or monophenol, phenolic oxidase and oxygen, resulting in the color, taste changes, and even corruption of food. And the removal of oxygen in food packaging containers, to effectively avoid oil rancidity.


    Product Description


    Product Parameter

    [Product Name] Three Prevention Oxygen Absorber

    [Product raw materials] Reduced iron powder, activated carbon, sodium chloride, water

    [Storage conditions] In a cool and shady place

    [Model] Type 15-300 (customizable)

    [Shelf life] 12 months under sealed storage at room temperature


    Product Introduction

    What are the three prevention?

    The three prevention are water-proof, oil-proof , and dust-proof. The main difference between the three prevention oxygen absorber and ordinary Oxygen Absorbers lies in the different punching and treatment processes of the packaging materials. The use of water-proof and oil-proof treated packaging paper film can effectively prevent food rich in oil from contaminating the Oxygen Absorber, causing the Oxygen Absorber to not absorb oxygen or reduce its oxygen absorption, thereby ensuring that food is not oxidized or spoiled.

    Three prevention packaging paper structure

    The middle layer of the three prevention packaging material is treated with water-proof and oil-proof treatment (without punching), while the upper layer of the three prevention plastic film+the bottom layer of the three prevention heat sealing film, combined with micro punching technology, not only improves the breathability of the packaging material, but also makes the packaging material have waterproof, oil proof, and dust proof functions, effectively preventing moisture and oil from seeping into the food through the packaging paper.


    Oxygen Absorber effectively deoxidizes and preserves freshness


    Principle of deoxygenation technology 



    The food three prevention type Oxygen Absorber is based on the principle of iron powder oxidation, absorbing oxygen in packaging bags or containers, and can quickly reduce the concentration of oxygen in food packaging in a short period of time, leaving the interior in an anaerobic environment, fundamentally and effectively inhibiting microbial growth and reproduction. Deoxygenation mechanism:





    Huawin researched the formula, which mainly consists of reduced iron powder, activated carbon, sodium chloride, and water, and is developed through scientific proportioning. Before oxygen absorption, it appears as a mixture of black and gray particles, and after oxygen absorption, it appears brown and clumps.


    Experimental effect

    The effect of deoxygenation experiment is clear at a glance

    Comparison of deoxygenation effects between ordinary Oxygen Absorbers and three prevention Oxygen Absorbers on high fat foods.


    The experiment with high fat bread showed that adding ordinary Oxygen Absorbers and three prevention Oxygen Absorbers of the same weight to the bread, and adding ordinary Oxygen Absorbers to the bread, the mold rapidly propagated and formed colonies, leading to moldy bread. However, the growth of mold in the bread containing the three prevention type Oxygen Absorber is quickly inhibited, and no mold is detected, extending the shelf life of the bread.

    Usage method


    Select the suitable Oxygen Absorber model

    To determine the size of the food deoxygenation agent, according to the food weight should be targeted to select the deoxygenation agent model.(The specific model and specification need to consult the customer service, and the model label of each manufacturer may not be the same)


    Suitable for food weightg


    Suitable for food weightg

    Model 15


    Model 20


    Model 30


    Model 50


    Model 100


    Model 200


    Model 300



    Choose the right food packaging material

    The choice of food packaging materials will also affect the preservation effect of deoxygenation agent, and it is generally recommended to choose food packaging materials with low oxygen permeability.

    1.Finalized packaging

    Plastic cans, glass cans, cans and other finalized packaging containers, good sealing, low oxygen permeability, can be used in food packaging.

    3.No finalized packaging

    For irregular food packaging, choose composite packaging materials with oxygen permeability below 20ml / 24h 25℃, such as KOP / CPP, NY / NY / PE, KNY / PE, KPET / PE, PET / AL / PE, etc. Not use packaging materials with high oxygen permeability, such as OPP / CPP, PP or PE membrane bag, etc.

    Product Features

    1. Physical adsorption, stable performance

    Physical deoxidation, mild reaction, and stable chemical performance.

    2.Three prevention packaging materials with significant effects

    It adopts a three proof packaging paper, which has waterproof, dustproof, and oil-proof functions and can be applied to foods with high moisture and oil content.

    3. Dust free production, fine packaging

    High speed machine dust-free production, with vacuum packaging for the outer bag and thickened cardboard packaging for the outer box to ensure that the Oxygen Absorber does not break or fail during storage and transportation.



    Product Specifications

    Three Prevention Oxygen Absorber Package Specification Sheet


    Packet Dimensionmm

    Packing Specification (sheet)

    Applicable Food Weightg

    Carton Size




    400 packets X20 bags





    400packets X20 bags





    300packets X20 bags





    200packetsX2 0bags





    150packets X20 bags





    100 packetsX20 bags





    100packets X16 bags




    Product Customization

    All of our oxygen absorbers can be customized, consult customer service to choose desiccant products suitable for you!

    consult and negotiate →confirm cooperation intention → confirm raw materials and packaging materials→confirm sample design→make and send samples →sign contracts→mass production→shipment



    Notes On the Use of Oxygen Absorber

    1.Use packaging materials that meet the requirements: it is recommended to choose packaging materials with oxygen permeability below 20ml / 24h 0.1MPa;

    2.Ensure the sealing of food packaging when using deoxgenics;

    3.It is recommended to evaluate the applicable product model before using deoxide to ensure the preservation effect;

    4.Attention should be paid to the sealing strength and quality of the container, and the packaging material should be evacuated to ensure that the packaging does not leak;

    5.After opening the deoxide packaging, it is recommended to use up and seal the food packaging contain- er within 1-2 hours;

    6. The deoxygenation agent that has not yet been used up should be re-vacuum and sealed in time to avoid failure;

    7.Deoxyagent is not microwave, not edible.

    Warm tips: If the deoxygen fever, there is no need to be nervous, this is the heat released by the deoxygen to absorb oxygen, so control the heat can only seal the deoxygen, do not allow the deoxygen to continue to absorb oxygen and failure.