Food Mineral Desiccant

Product Overview:

Huawin food mineral desiccant selected excellent diatomite, using physical adsorption, with high moisture absorption, mild reaction, tasteless, non-pollution, chemical stability and other functions, effectively prevent rancidity, insects, discoloration, off-flavor and other food deterioration.

Product Features: moisture absorption, moistureproof, effective mildew proof, independent packaging and portable

Tips: if not used, please seal the desiccant and place it out of reach of children. Do not eat the desiccant and seek medical attention in time.

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    Why use desiccant in food?


    Foods with low moisture content will absorb moisture in the air and get damp, which will promote the oxidation of food, resulting in food softening, discoloration and taste change, which not only destroys the nutritional value of food, but also leads to food deterioration such as insects and mildew question.


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    1.Moisture: Food with low water content can easily absorb moisture in the air in humid weather, resulting in food mold or insect growth.

    2.Oxidation: food is rich in fat, sugar, protein, minerals and other nutrients, under the joint action of ultraviolet light, oxygen and water, oxidation of these nutrients will take place, leading to food sour, metamorphic, thus producing "harsh taste".


    Product Description


    Product Parameter

    [Product name]Mineral desiccant


    [Product raw material]Diatomite

    [Product packaging material] OPP plastic film (various packaging materials are optional)

    [gram weight] 1 g, 2 g, 3 g, 5 g, 10 g (customizable gram weight/size)

    [Shelf life] 24 months under sealed storage


    Product Introduction

    Using high-quality diatomite raw materials, it is made by physical methods such as granulation and drying. It has the functions of high moisture absorption, mild reaction, odorless, pollution-free, and stable chemical properties. After use, it can be discarded as general waste and can be quickly degraded in nature.


    Product Features

    food contactSelected high-quality raw materials, using food packaging film and heat-sealing process, no solvent residue, no corrosion, etc., can be in contact with food.

    regular spherical particlesRegular high-strength spherical particles can enhance its fluidity, are not easy to break, and are not easy to generate dust.

    Chemically stableThrough physical adsorption, the chemical properties are stable, there is no obvious change in appearance before and after use, and it is reliable and safe to use.

    Strong moisture absorption to protect foodMineral desiccant has a strong ability to absorb moisture and prevent moisture. Under the conditions of temperature of 25°C and relative humidity of 90%, the moisture absorption rate is significantly improved.

    Multiple packaging materials are availableThere are 3 kinds of packaging materials: OPP plastic film/textured paper/non-woven fabric to choose from, the material is tough and not easy to break. (Consult customer service for confirmation of packaging materials)


    Scope of application

    Widely used in nuts, roasted seeds and nuts, biscuits, snow cakes, candied fruit, tea, puffed food, dried fish shreds, seaweed, dry agricultural products and other foods with low water content.


    Moisture Absorption Curve

    Food Mineral Desiccant Moisture Absorption Curve Display Diagram

    Data are laboratory test results, temperature :25 degrees Celsius, humidity 90



    Index Parameter

    Huawin Food Mineral Desiccant Performance Index Parameter Table

    Bulk Density


    Water Adsorption Capacity



    Water Content


    PH Value


    Reference Dosage

    A liter of packing space is about 2-2.5 g


    Product Specification

    Huawin Food Mineral Desiccant Packaging Specifications


    Total QuantityCarton))

    Quantity Per Bag

    Carton Size(cm)



    1000 packetsX10bags



    8000 packets

    800 packetsX10 bags



    5000 packets

    500 packetsX10 bags



    4000 packets

    400 packetsX10 bags



    4000 packets

    400 packetsX10 bags



    Product Customization

    All our desiccant products can be customized, consult customer service to choose suitable for your desiccant products!

    Consultation and negotiation → determine the intention of cooperation → determine the size → determine the raw material packaging → determine the sample design → make samples and send samples → sign the contract → mass production → shipping



    Precautions for storage and use of desiccant


    1.Storage: desiccant must be sealed and stored in a cool and dry warehouse without chemical pollutants, isolated from the outside air, the next use will not be affected.
    2.Transportation: the desiccant in the process of transportation should be carefully handled, avoid the internal and external packaging rub damage, at the same time to prevent contact with acid and alkali substances, avoid sunlight and rain and snow immersion, fire, moistureproof.
    3. Uses:
    Desiccant needs to be used under dry environmental conditions;
    ② Before use, check whether the packing container is properly sealed. For vacuum packing products, check whether the packing container of the vacuum bag is damaged. If the silicone products with instructions before use indicate whether the silicone is discolored. Ensure that the above conditions can be used below;
    ③ After opening the packaging container, the desiccant should be used as soon as possible. According to the actual factory usage, the unused desiccant should be sealed and stored in time;
     When using the desiccant, the desiccant bag should not be squeezed and rubbed, and the desiccant bag should not be thrown at will, so as to avoid the desiccant bag damage and leakage or broken bag.
    Do not tear the desiccant packaging directly, take out the desiccant to prevent ingestion. Keep out of reach of children. If ingested, seek medical attention.