Calcium Chloride Dehumidification Bag

Product Overview:

The special MICRO-FRESH calcium chloride desiccant bag is used to store moisture. Calcium chloride particles are used to quickly absorb moisture. With the addition of scientifically proportioned starch, the desiccant quickly changes into a jelly gel shape after moisture absorption. The moisture absorption effect is remarkable. One bag can absorb 360g of water.

Product features: ☑ Physical moisture absorption ☑ Lock water and prevent seepage ☑ Drying and mold prevention ☑ Long term effect ☑ Suitable for mother and baby

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    Is the storage space always plagued by various dampness?


    In humid weather, the storage space is always plagued by various types of moisture, such as moldy and deformed shoes, moldy and odorous clothing, damp bedding that affects sleep, and books that are easily damaged by moisture.



    Calcium chloride dehumidification bag

    Good helper for household storage and dehumidification


    Product Description


    Product Parameters

    Product Name Calcium chloride dehumidification bag

    Product Brand MICRO-FRESH

    Product ingredients Calcium chloride granules, starch

    Product packaging Plastic film+anti permeability gas film

    Product Specification 180g/bag

    Shelf life 3 years


    Product Features

    1. A small dehumidification bag with a large moisture absorption capacity: a 180g calcium chloride dehumidification bag with a large moisture absorption capacity can reach 540 grams after moisture absorption. (Note: 1. The data is from the laboratory and is for reference only. Due to different environments, the usage time and moisture absorption of this product may vary slightly.)

    2. High moisture absorption, the effect is clear at a glance: calcium chloride particles quickly absorb moisture, coupled with scientifically proportioned starch, quickly change into gel gel after moisture absorption, and the moisture absorption effect is visible.

    3. Scientific water locking, no leakage and no moisture return: Selected anti permeability gas film+plastic film scientific water locking method, when water vapor enters the anti permeability gas film, it is not easy to seep back. Equipped with a bottom layer of plastic film support, it also avoids leakage problems.

    4. Physical dehumidification and care for mother and baby health: Select raw materials, use physical adsorption, and have no harmful substances. Both personal and baby clothing can be used with confidence.


    Product Application


    Where is it damp? Where is it stored


    Calcium chloride dehumidification bags are not limited by the scene environment and can be directly placed in places that require dehumidification, such as shoe cabinets, wardrobes, storage bags, bookcases, drawers, luggage, mattresses, etc.


    usage method

    1. Tear open the outer bag and remove the dehumidification bag.

    2. Place the white impermeable and breathable film facing upwards in the position where dehumidification is required.

    Kind reminder: ① When all the particles in the bag become jelly like, please replace them in a timely manner. ② Please use in a well sealed environment for better results.


    matters needing attention

    1. Do not open the packaging bag before use to avoid moisture affecting the product's lifespan.

    2. Before use, please check the dehumidification bag and do not use it if it is damaged.

    3. Do not forcefully press the hygroscopic bag during use to avoid damage to the packaging bag.

    4. This product contains calcium chloride, which is neutral to weakly acidic after moisture absorption, avoiding direct contact with eyes and skin.

    5. If you accidentally come into contact with eyes, skin, clothing, or furniture during use, please immediately rinse with plenty of water. If you feel unwell, please seek medical attention in a timely manner.

    6. During use, do not place the product above valuable items such as leather, fur, silk, etc.

    7. This product is not edible and should be kept away from children and food.

    8. When used in places with severe humidity, this product may temporarily accumulate liquid instead of gel, which is a normal phenomenon. Please rest assured when using it.