Cigar Hydration Pack

Product Overview:

Selected high-quality humidity-conditioning agents are used as moisture-absorbing carriers, scientifically proportioned with pure water, and developed into a gel form. It has the characteristics of odorless and reliable, high humidity-regulating accuracy, good humidity-regulating performance, and wide applicability. 

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    Why use a cigar humidor?

    Generally, in a natural state, the environmental humidity is unstable, causing cigars to easily burst, dry out, become moldy, grow insects, burn sideways, and become clogged. Therefore, it is necessary to use a cigar humidifier to precisely control the storage humidity of cigars to better ensure the quality of cigars.


    Product Description

    Product Parameter

    [Product Name] Cigar Hydration Pack

    [Product Ingredients] Humidifier, purified water

    [Product specifications] 10g, 75g, 380g

    [Humidity specifications] 32%, 49%, 62%, 65%, 69%, 72%, 75%, 84% (RH humidity value)

    [Product packaging] Two-way moisture permeable paper, transparent plastic sealed outer bag

    [Scope of application] Cigar tobacco care

    [Usage period] About 3-4 months

    [Shelf life] 2 years

    [Product Configuration]75g/380g Cigar Hydration Pack comes with a humidity indicator card

    [Warm reminder] Remember not to tear the paper packaging of the cigar moisturizer pack.


    Product Introduction


    Humidification and moisture absorption automatic adjustment


    Selected high-quality humidity-conditioning agents are used as moisture-absorbing carriers, scientifically proportioned with pure water, and developed into a gel form. It has the characteristics of odorless and reliable, high humidity-regulating accuracy, good humidity-regulating performance, and wide applicability. At the same time, it uses two-way moisture-permeable paper. Equipped with heat sealing edge sealing technology, it not only has good breathability, but is also strong and not easy to break.


    Product Features

    1.Accurate and stable humidity control

    The scientific proportion of humidity control agent and pure water ensures accurate and stable performance in both "moisture absorption" and "moisture release".

    2.Safe and reliable quality

    It uses two-way moisture-permeable paper packaging material, which is strong and tough, and is equipped with heat sealing process edge sealing technology, which will not cause leakage risks.

    3.Ready to use at any time

    Independent small packaging design, takes up no space, is very portable and can be taken and used at any time.

    4.Humidity optional

    Cigars in different conditions can freely choose different humidity specifications to better mellow the individual flavor of the cigars.


    5.Can be customized as needed

    Process customized sizes, packaging material printing, etc. according to different application scenarios to meet various customization needs.6.Strong magnetic suction is more practical

    The 380g large package adopts a magnetic design and is equipped with 2 magnetic stickers, which can be firmly attached to the cigar box cover without taking up space. It is suitable for moisturizing more than 100 cigars, and the moisturizing period is more than 3 months.

    Precautions for use:

    The moisturizing paper packaging cannot be torn open. ② Attach a magnetic sticker to the lid of the humidor and tear off the skin; ③ Attach another magnetic sticker to the dedicated area on the back of the humidor pack. Attach the magnetic sticker on the back of the hydration pack to the magnetic sticker on the cigar box cover.

    7.Sensitive humidity monitoring

    A humidity indicator card is included in the 75g/380g Cigar hydration pack, which can sensitively determine the humidity value and clearly check whether the Cigar hydration pack is effective.

    User manual

    Cigar hydration pack instructions

    The maintenance of cigars requires choosing a suitable cigar moisturizer based on the maintenance status of the cigars, storage space, storage environment and other factors.

    ①Usage amount of cigar moisturizer pack

    Number of cigars


    The number of moisturizing bags used for cigars

    made of different materials

    Wood material

    Plastic material


    1 pack 10g

    1 pack 10g

    5-50 pieces

    2 pack75g

    1 pack 75g

    50-100 pieces

    2-4 pack 75g

    2 pack 75g

    100-150 pieces

    4-6 pack75g

    3 pack 75g

    150-200 pieces

    1 pack 400g

    4 pack 75g


    ②Recommendations for using cigar humidor packs

    Under normal circumstances, choose a suitable moisturizing bag model according to the ambient temperature of the cigar, except for special circumstances.

    Ambient temperature

    Recommended model


    62% or 65% cigar humidor packs


    72% or 75% cigar humidor packs


    69% or 72% cigar humidor packs


    method of use

    How to use cigar moisturizer pack

    Step 1: Place the cigars to be stored in a sealable maintenance container.

    Step 2: Take out an appropriate amount of cigar moisturizing pack. Generally, the plastic packaging of the 75g moisturizing pack needs to be removed. The 10g moisturizing pack needs to be taken out directly from the ziplock bag without tearing the paper bag.

    Step 3: Take out an appropriate amount of cigar moisturizer and put it into the prepared cigar care container.

    Step 4: Seal the cigar care container.


    Product Customization

    All our cigar humidor products can be customized, please consult customer service to choose the cigar humidor product that suits you!

    Consultation and negotiation → Confirm cooperation intention → Determine specifications and dimensions → Determine humidity specifications → Determine sample design → Proof and send sample → Sign contract → Mass production → Shipment



    Precautions for using cigar moisturizer pack


    Stability time description: The effect can be achieved only after ensuring that it is not affected by external temperature and humidity and that the dosage is appropriate.

    Humidification - about 1 week

    Humidification - about 2 weeks

    Factors affecting the humidity of the maintenance space:

    ①Whether the sealing degree of the cigar maintenance container is affected by the humidity of the external environment;

    ②The moisture content of the material of the cigar care container;

    ③ Whether the cigar contains more or less water and the temperature is high or low, it will also affect the stability of the humidity in the entire curing box over a period of time;

    ④Whether the amount of moisturizing pack is sufficient? It is recommended that no less than 60g of moisturizing pack per 2L space be used. The more moisturizing packs are used, the more obvious the effect will be.