Fiber humidity control tablets

Product Overview:

Plant fiber, absorbable and removable, two-way humidity control, precise humidity control

Fiber humidity-conditioning sheets, high moisture absorption rate, double-layer packaging material, support customization, widely used in furniture, agricultural products, medicinal materials, bamboo and wood products, clothing, household products, leather textiles, electronic appliances, metal products, etc.

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    Why use fiber Fiber humidity control tablets?

    Different product goods usually need to be stored in a stable and relatively suitable storage humidity environment - target equilibrium humidity. Since the natural environment humidity is unstable, the target equilibrium humidity of the product is also different, which can easily cause product deterioration. For example, cigars are prone to bursting, Dry cracking, mold, insect infestation, etc.

    Application scenarios

    It is widely used in products with high storage humidity requirements such as cigars, cordyceps, capsules, traditional Chinese medicine, ginseng, tobacco, fabrics, antiques, jade, calligraphy and painting, specimens, musical instruments, etc.


    Cigar application case

    Under normal circumstances, choose a suitable fiber humidity-conditioning sheet according to the ambient temperature of the cigar, except for special circumstances.

    Ambient temperature

    Recommended model


    62% or 65% fiber moisture-conditioning tablets


    72% or 75%fiber moisture-conditioning tablets


    69% or 72%fiber moisture-conditioning tablets


    Product Description

    Product Parameter

    [Product Name] Fiber Humidity Conditioning Tablets

    [Product raw materials]Plant fiber

    [Product Specifications] 4g, 8g

    [Humidity specifications] 32%, 49%, 62%, 65%, 69%, 72%, 75%, 84% (RH humidity value)

    [Product packaging] Two-way moisture permeable paper

    [Usage period] About 3-4 months

    [Shelf life] 2 years

    [Scope of application] Widely used in products with high storage humidity requirements such as cigars, cordyceps, capsules, traditional Chinese medicine, ginseng, tobacco, fabrics, antiques, jade, calligraphy and paintings, specimens, musical instruments, etc.


    Product Introduction

    Fiber humidity control tablets are developed by selecting plant fibers as moisture-absorbing carriers and combining them with polymer raw materials. They have the characteristics of safety and reliability, high humidity-control accuracy, good humidity-control performance, and wide applicability. They also use two-way moisture-permeable paper packaging materials. Equipped with heat sealing edge sealing technology, it has good breathability, is strong and will not break the bag.


    Product Features

    Plant fiber, high moisture absorption and release capacity

    Using plant fibers as moisture-absorbing carriers, both "moisture absorption" and "moisture release" properties are more outstanding than traditional granular or liquid humidity-conditioning materials.

    Paper form, easy to use at any time

    The shape is paper sheet, easy to use, does not take up space, can be better integrated with packaging, and has no hidden dangers of dust or particle leakage.

    Two-way moisture permeability, more precise humidity control

    The two-way moisture permeable paper packaging material is not only strong and tough, but also balances the humidity in two directions, greatly improving the accuracy of humidity control.

    Humidity is optional to achieve precise humidity control

    It can meet the customer's humidity customization needs within the relative humidity range of 30%-90% and achieve precise product humidity control.

    Personalized customization to meet personalized packaging

    The size, thickness, packaging material printing and other requirements of fiber humidity-conditioning sheets can be processed and customized according to different application scenarios.


    Appropriate storage humidity reference values for some products

    Product Range

    Suitable target equilibrium humidity (RH)





    Precious Cordyceps, Chinese herbal medicine


    Museum showcase


    calligraphy, painting, fabric


    Jade, specimens



    method of use

    How to use fiber humidity-conditioning tablets

    Fiber humidity-conditioning sheets can be used together with humidity indicator cards to monitor whether the humidity-conditioning sheets are still effective.


    Step 1: Place the product to be stored in a sealable packaging container.

    Step 2: Put the humidity-conditioning sheet and humidity indicator card into the packaging container.

    Step 3: Seal the packaging container.

    Step 4: When the dot on the humidity indicator card changes from pink to blue, it means that the humidity-conditioning sheet has expired. Please replace it in time.


    Product Customization

    All our fiber humidity-conditioning sheet products can be customized. Consult customer service to choose the fiber humidity-conditioning sheet product that suits you!

    Consultation and negotiation → Confirm cooperation intention → Determine specifications and dimensions → Determine humidity specifications → Determine sample design → Sign contract → Mass production → Shipment



    Precautions when using fiber humidity-conditioning tablets

    ① The fiber humidity-conditioning sheet needs to be used in a sealed space;

    ② Please use it with the humidity indicator card during use to better monitor whether the humidity-conditioning sheet is still effective;

    ③ Please use the humidity-conditioning sheet in time after opening the sealed packaging bag;

    ④The validity period of the humidity-conditioning tablet is 3-4 months. If the validity period of the humidity-conditioning tablet is reached, please replace it with a new one in time;

    ⑤ Humidity-conditioning tablets are not edible and should be kept out of reach of children.