Cigar care tips, use cigar moisturizer bag to achieve two-way constant humidity

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As we all know, noble cigars are favored by cigar smokers. However, the maintenance of cigars is a headache for cigar smokers.Especially for cigar smokers who are new to cigars and have no experience, two situations will often occur after maintaining cigars for a period of time, either dry or wet.


After all, cigars have high requirements for the storage environment. In order to maintain the richness and flavor of cigars, they need to be controlled within a specific humidity range.Cigars are not easy to store, mainly because they have very high requirements for the storage environment. Generally, cigars need to be stored in an environment with a relative temperature of about 18°C and a relative humidity of about 70%.


If the humidity of the cigar exceeds the range, it will not only be prone to mold, worms, side burns, clogging, etc., but it will also burn unevenly, destroying the smoke, aroma and taste of the cigar.If the cigar is too dry, it will easily burst, dry out, etc., and the essential oil contained in the cigar will also easily evaporate, causing the flavor of the cigar to disappear.


Therefore, in order to preserve the richness and flavor of your cigars, the right way to open them is to use a MICROGARDE cigar humidifier, which achieves two-way constant humidity, ensuring that the cigars are stored in the right humidity range, allowing you to enjoy all their subtleties and flavors .


Accurate and stable humidity control

MICROGARDE cigar moisturizer pack uses high-quality humidifiers as hygroscopic carriers, scientifically proportions pure water, and develops it into a gel form. It has the characteristics of odorless and reliable, high humidity control accuracy, and good humidity control performance.


The performance of both "moisture absorption" and "moisture release" is not only accurate and stable, but also superior to traditional granular or liquid humidity-control materials.

Safe and reliable quality

The MICROGARDE cigar humidor pack is also very safe to use, mainly because its outer packaging uses two-way moisture-permeable paper packaging material, which is strong and tough, and is equipped with heat-sealing process edge sealing technology, so there will be no hidden dangers of leakage.

Humidity optional

Cigars in different conditions can freely choose different humidity specifications. This cigar humidifier can adjust the humidity of the storage environment and maintain it at 32%, 49%, 62%, 65%, 69%, 72%, 75%, 84% % and other precise humidity conditions.


Of course, the maintenance of cigars requires choosing a suitable cigar humidor based on the maintenance status of the cigars, storage space, storage environment and other factors. Only by using the right humidity specifications can the individual flavor of the cigars be better mellowed.


Number of cigars


The number of moisturizing bags used for cigars

made of different materials

Wood material

Plastic material


1 pack 10g

1 pack 10g

5-50 pieces

2 pack75g

1 pack 75g

50-100 pieces

2-4 pack 75g

2 pack 75g

100-150 pieces

4-6 pack75g

3 pack 75g

150-200 pieces

1 pack 400g

4 pack 75g



In addition, under normal circumstances (except for special circumstances), the RH value of the moisturizing bag is selected according to the condition of the cigar. For example, if the ambient temperature is higher than 30°C, it is recommended to use a 62% or 65% cigar moisturizing pack; if the ambient temperature is lower than 10°C, it is recommended to use a 72% or 75% cigar moisturizing pack, and if the ambient temperature is around 20°C, it is recommended to use 69% or 72% cigar hydration pack.


Ready to use at any time

Not only that, this MICROGARDE cigar moisturizer bag is also very convenient to use. It adopts an independent small packaging design, does not take up space, and can be taken and used at any time. It is very portable for many cigar smokers to carry when going out, and they can enjoy cigars at any time. unique flavor.


In short, if you want to have good cigars, you must be careful when storing them, and it is necessary to prepare a suitable MICROGARDE cigar humidor bag.