How to store products within the appropriate humidity range? Let this fiber humidity control tablets provide precise control

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There are many products on the market that have very high requirements for storage temperature and humidity. For example, capsules need to be stored in a humidity range of 30% to 40%. If they are too dry, they will easily become brittle and if they are too moist, they will easily stick to each other.


The suitable target balance humidity for cigars is 65%-70%, otherwise it will be too dry and prone to bursting and cracking, while if it is too wet, it will cause mold and insect growth.Of course, there are many products that require higher storage humidity, including traditional Chinese medicine, ginseng, tobacco, fabrics, antiques, jade, calligraphy and painting, specimens, musical instruments, etc.


Whether it is medicine, art or precious items, the good quality of the product can only be maintained if it is stored in a stable humidity environment.So how to precisely control product humidity? In fact, it is a good method to use humidity-controlling sheets in products. The so-called humidity-controlling sheet is a constant humidity sheet that can adjust the humidity range of the space.


Different from the desiccant, the material of the humidity control tablet is reversible. It can absorb excess moisture in high-humidity environments, and can release moisture in low-humidity environments, adjust the ambient humidity, and ensure the humidity and temperature.


For example, MICROGARDE® fiber humidity control tablets are very good. They can achieve two-way humidity control, ensuring that products are stored within a suitable humidity range. They have various humidity specifications and are easy to use. Next, let us understand the true strength of this fiber humidity control tablets.


The fiber humidity control tablets are made of selected plant fibers as moisture-absorbing carriers and combined with polymer materials. They have the characteristics of safety and reliability, high humidity-control accuracy, good humidity-control performance, and wide applicability. They also use two-way moisture-permeable paper packaging materials. Equipped with heat sealing edge sealing technology, it has good breathability, is strong and will not break the bag.


Plant fiber, feel free to use

Developed from natural plant fibers and polymer materials, this MICROGARDE® fiber humidity control tablets is safe and reliable, meets environmental protection requirements, and can be used with confidence on major products.


Humidity regulating performance, precise control

The humidity-controlling properties of this fiber humidity control tablet are outstanding, and its moisture absorption and moisture-releasing properties are better than those of traditional granular or liquid humidity-controlling materials. It can accurately stabilize the humidity range in the packaging environment and maintain a stable humidity control effect no matter how the external humidity fluctuates.


Excellent packaging material, two-way breathable

In addition, the outer packaging of this fiber humidity control tablet uses two-way moisture-permeable paper packaging material, which is not only strong and tough, but also can achieve a two-way humidity balance effect, greatly improving the accuracy of humidity control.


Paper form, easy to use

The paper-shaped humidity control tablet is very convenient to use, does not take up space, can be better integrated with packaging, and has no hidden dangers of dust or particle leakage. Just place it in a closed space. Of course, the effect of monitoring the humidity control tablet will be better if it is combined with a humidity indicator card.


Humidity optional, precise humidity adjustment

Of course, this fiber humidity control tablet has a variety of humidity specifications and can be used in the relative humidity range of 30%-90%, including 32%, 49%, 62%, 65%, 69%, 72%, 75%, 84%, which can meet the humidity adjustment needs in various environments and achieve precise humidity control of products.


If you want your products to be stored in a suitable humidity environment, this MICROGARDE® fiber humidity control tablet will meet your needs, and it can also be customized. In addition to optional humidity specifications, its size, thickness, and packaging material printing also meet the requirements. Customized requirements.