【 Cigar Maintenance 】 How to seal and store cigars? A Sealed Cigar Humidifier Box is worth having

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It is said that cigar is the jewel in tobacco, it represents a taste, noble lifestyle, especially the unique flavor, mellow is a long time to remember, is loved by gentlemen tobacco products.


Therefore, for most nightcrawlers, cigars are as precious as works of art and need to be stored well. However, cigars are very fragile and need to be stored in a constant temperature and humidity environment so as not to affect their taste.General cigar storage and maintenance to follow the "double 70" principle (that is, 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius) and 70% humidity). If the temperature is too high, cigars are prone to insects; The temperature is too low to age the cigar.


Relatively speaking, the humidity of the storage environment is also very important, the humidity should be controlled between 65% and 70%, if the humidity is high, the cigar will mold or break; If the humidity is too low, the cigar will become very dry.In addition, for cigar alcoholization, in addition to the need for a suitable temperature and humidity environment, cigars also have a certain absorption, can absorb the smell of the surrounding environment, if the selection of storage boxes (bags) is not appropriate, it will also destroy the flavor of the cigar.


From this point of view, in order to have a good storage environment, it is particularly important to choose a suitable cigar box, which must take into account the material of the cigar box, tightness, hygrometer sensitivity and other indicators. Only by choosing the right humidor can we provide a suitable storage environment for cigars. And this MICROGARDE Sealed Cigar Humidifier Box is perfect for it!


Scientific seal to achieve layers of leak-proof

When it comes to sealing, we have to mention the MICROGARDE Sealed Cigar Humidifier Box, the four sides of the box are locked, and the multi-layer high-elastic silicone sealing ring is set up, which is better than the ordinary wooden box sealing performance, and it is strong and durable, and the layers are leak-proof.


Two-way humidity control fine control cigar humidity

Of course, in order to better ensure that the cigar can be stored in a specific humidity environment, MICROGARDE Sealed Cigar Humidifier Box, equipped with 2 packs of 75g humidor packs, can achieve two-way accurate humidification, so that the cigar's moisturizing effect is better and the cigar taste is better.


Cigar wood melds the flavor of the cigar

As we all know, the cedar wood oil volatilized by cedar wood can emit natural aroma, which can not only avoid cigar insects, but also enrich the taste of cigar and make the taste of cigar more mellow.


In order to make the cigar taste more delicate and mellow, the MICROGARDE Sealed Cigar Humidifier Box is specially equipped with cedar wood chips, which will better reconcile the strong taste of the cigar in the fermentation process, reduce the impurity and preserve the unique flavor of the cigar.


Precision hygrometer can see the humidity inside the box

Not only that, in order to know how well the cigar is stored, there is also a built-in hygrometer to observe the alcohol humidity of the cigar in the box, but also to ensure that the moisturizer is still effective.


Transparent box maintenance at a glance

In addition, the overall design of MICROGARDE Sealed Cigar Humidifier Box is simple and classic, the use of high-permeability materials, the box body transparent and high refraction rate, the colorful visual effect can be seen in the light, and the high-end atmospheric texture can be matched with any furniture.


Overall, the MICROGARDE Sealed Cigar Humidifier Box is particularly suitable for nourishing cigars, it can hold 20 cigars, and delivers moisturizer packs, cedar chips, hygrometers, cigar clippers, etc., to better ensure cigar flavor and extend service life.


Hurry to buy a warm "home" for your beloved cigar - seal the Sealed Cigar Humidifier Box, so that it can better store the cigar, so that the cigar can continue to emit pure mellow aroma.