How to prevent moisture and condensation in power cabinets? Cabinet Humidity Control Pack effectively balance environmental humidity

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As is well known, equipment such as power cabinets play an important role in the power system and are an important link in energy transmission and distribution.However, during the use of the power cabinet, it is necessary to ensure that it is in a relative humidity environment of 40% to 60%, as high or low humidity can have adverse effects on the power cabinet and become an important cause of equipment failure inside the cabinet.


For example, excessive humidity can easily lead to various equipment failures, including decreased electrical insulation performance, flashover of electrical equipment, current deviation, metal corrosion, circuit aging, etc., greatly reducing equipment operating efficiency and increasing loss rate, resulting in equipment not working properly.Low humidity may lead to static discharge of equipment, causing malfunctions or short circuits in electronic devices, and affecting the reliability, stability, and durability of the equipment. The economic losses and security threats caused by this are immeasurable.


Therefore, in order to ensure the normal operation of the power cabinet, it is necessary to control the humidity range of its working environment, reasonably reduce the influencing factors of humidity, and ensure the stable operation of the distribution cabinet and equipment.


And the intelligent humidity control material - Humidity Control Pack can effectively help power cabinet equipment operate within a suitable humidity range. It can adjust humidity in both directions, has moisture absorption and release functions, and does not require electricity and maintenance fees, greatly reducing management costs, and is more reliable than commonly used dehumidification equipment. 

For example, this ? Cabinet Humidity Control Pack is an adaptive humidifying material developed with plant fibers as a moisture absorbing carrier and polymer materials. It can effectively absorb moisture at high humidity, release moisture at low humidity, and maintain humidity balance. At the same time, it is wrapped with bidirectional moisture permeable paper and equipped with heat sealing edge sealing technology, which has good breathability and is sturdy without breaking the package, effectively reducing the risk of equipment condensation, corrosion, and failure, and extending the service life of the equipment.


1. Reliable material selection and good moisture control performance

This Cabinet Humidity Control Pack is made of plant fibers and composite functional materials combined into a paper sheet shape, which does not take up space and can be better combined with the packaging. It is non corrosive to the equipment and there is no need to worry about the potential leakage of particles or liquids during use. 

More importantly, its moisture absorption capacity is high, and its moisture absorption/release performance is superior to traditional particle or liquid type humidity regulating materials, and its performance is long-lasting and effective.


2. Bidirectional adjustment passive humidity control

Unlike the traditional desiccant's "unidirectional" moisture absorption, this power cabinet humidity regulator achieves a "bidirectional" adjustment function without the need for power supply, and can accurately control the humidity of relatively enclosed spaces within a certain range. It can automatically release moisture when the environmental humidity is low, and automatically absorb moisture when the environmental humidity is high, effectively protecting the equipment's performance.


3. Easy to use moisture permeable packaging materials

Moreover, in order to make the humidity regulating performance of the Cabinet Humidity Control Pack more significant, a special bidirectional moisture permeable paper packaging material is used as the outer packaging material, which is not only sturdy and durable, but also greatly improves the humidity regulating accuracy. 

Moreover, the installation is not limited by the environment and is easy to use. Self adhesive hooks can be used for hanging or double-sided adhesive (which must be suitable for the cabinet material and usage temperature) can be attached to the center, or placed on the side of the equipment. Dosage reference: 5-6 tablets/m ³Please increase it as appropriate on damp days.


4. Personalized customization to meet needs

In addition, this power cabinet humidity regulator can also customize the size, thickness, packaging printing, and other requirements of the intelligent humidity regulator according to different application scenarios.


If you want to prevent condensation and other phenomena in power equipment, it is very good to use a reversible suction and discharge humidity regulating pad dedicated to the power cabinet. This power cabinet humidity regulating pad has bidirectional humidity control, ensuring that the power cabinet can operate for a long time.