How to store grains and miscellaneous grains so that they are not easily spoiled? Recommend lime desiccant for protection

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As is well known, cereals are an important component of our daily diet, rich in nutrients such as protein, dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Properly storing grains and miscellaneous grains not only ensures their freshness, but also preserves their nutritional value.


However, in humid environments, the storage of cereals such as oats, millet, and beans is not friendly. If not properly stored, it can easily absorb moisture from the air, leading to changes in taste, mold, and insect infestation. This not only damages the nutritional value of food, but also produces mold, posing a threat to health.


So, how can we better prevent the spoilage of grains and miscellaneous grains due to moisture absorption? Actually, all you need to do is put some desiccants in the food packaging to absorb excess moisture.Of course, as grains and cereals are edible products, not all desiccants are suitable. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a food desiccant with reliable, odorless, and non corrosive characteristics. This quicklime desiccant is worth recommending as it is a desiccant that can come into contact with food.


The main component of quicklime desiccant is calcium oxide, and its water absorption ability is achieved through chemical reactions, so water absorption is irreversible. In addition, regardless of the humidity in the external environment, it can maintain good moisture absorption ability and be stored at very low temperatures, with good drying and moisture absorption effects.


Unique before and after moisture absorption

The moisture absorption rate of quicklime desiccant is higher than that of silica gel and mineral desiccants, with a moisture absorption rate of up to twice that of itself. Before moisture absorption, it is in the form of granules, and after moisture absorption, it is in the form of powder. The moisture absorption effect is visible, especially in high humidity environments. After moisture absorption, it can quickly expand to twice the size.


Reliable Material Selection and Safe Use

Of course, this desiccant uses natural quicklime, which has characteristics such as colorless, odorless, and stable chemical properties. In addition, it is irreversible after moisture absorption and will not leak, making contact with food more reassuring. It is especially suitable for moisture-proof of grains and cereals.


Upgrade packaging materials to absorb moisture and prevent leakage

Not only that, the outer packaging of this desiccant has also been upgraded. It uses newly upgraded polyester paper (non-woven fabric+breathable film), which not only effectively absorbs moisture in the air, but also does not pose a risk of backleakage after absorption.


The use of this desiccant is also very convenient. Just take out a bag of quicklime desiccant, open the packaging bag, and take out the desiccant to confirm if it is ineffective; Then put the quicklime desiccant into the food product packaging bag and seal it.


In addition, during the storage process, in addition to using desiccants, it is also advisable to seal the grains in packaging bags or cans, and store them in a cool, dry, and well ventilated place. Only by storing grains and miscellaneous grains correctly can we better achieve the effect of moisture, mold, and insect prevention.