How can factories avoid product mold on continuous humid weather? Huawin Anti mold Products Escort with Care~

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It's too difficult. The continuous humid weather is coming again. It's wet everywhere. On the walls, windows, french window... water is dripping. It's no exaggeration to say that you can catch it at any time can twist the air out of the water.


So what is "continuous humid weather"? In fact, it is a natural phenomenon that occurs under a specific weather background, not a typical weather phenomenon. The formation ofcontinuous humid weather requires both colder temperatures and wetter air, which usually occurs at the turn of winter and spring.


In addition, the principle ofcontinuous humid weather is very similar to that of sea fog. It is due to warm and humid ocean currents flowing through cooler land surfaces from warmer sea surfaces, causing water vapor in the air to condense into droplets when cold, and accumulate in the air to form fog. The larger the temperature difference over the sea surface that the general airflow passes through, the greater the chance of fogging.


Once returning to continuous humid weather, the air is filled with damp air everywhere, and many factories may be affected by varying degrees of moisture damage. For example, the factory warehouse may be filled with some raw materials, finished products, and semi-finished products. Once the humidity in the storage environment is too high, it can cause items to become damp, moldy, fade, rust, and other phenomena.This will affect the quality and normal use of the product, causing irreparable economic losses! Therefore, in the face of continuous humid weather, the factory needs to take appropriate moisture-proof measures.


Firstly, manufacturers need to constantly monitor the weather conditions, especially during the southbound weather period. They must close the doors and windows of the warehouse, especially in the morning and night when the air humidity is high. If the doors and windows are not closed in time, water vapor will seriously penetrate every corner. In addition, if you feel that the tightly closed doors and windows prevent air circulation in the factory, you can open windows for ventilation for a short period of time at noon.


Secondly, manufacturers can also use some moisture absorbing and moisture-proof materials. For example, anti mold and dry products have excellent anti mold and moisture absorption capabilities, which can quickly absorb the water vapor generated during product storage or transportation, ensuring that the product is not prone to mold.However, there are various styles of anti mold and dry products on the market. To ensure effective anti mold and moisture prevention of goods, it is necessary to choose suitable anti mold and dry products based on the characteristics of different goods.


Food moisture-proof

To ensure that edible goods such as pastries and dry goods are not easily affected by moisture and mold, a package of desiccants can be placed in the food packaging. Silicone desiccants, mineral desiccants, and lime desiccants are very suitable. They not only have good moisture absorption effects, but also are environmentally friendly and reliable desiccants that can come into direct contact with food.


Electronic moisture-proof

Electronic products are very sensitive to moisture damage. Once they become damp, they can become moldy and the interior of the product can become metalized, causing damage. Desiccants with good moisture absorption are needed to assist, and magnesium chloride desiccants, fiber drying sheets, etc. are very suitable as they have strong moisture absorption and moisture-proof capabilities.


Among them, magnesium chloride desiccant uses magnesium chloride as the raw material, which has stable chemical properties, balanced absorption performance, and becomes solid after moisture absorption, with no liquid water seepage on the surface. Widely used in moisture-proof equipment such as car headlights, car engines, daily hardware, security equipment, and mechanical equipment.


Clothing moisture-proof

If targeting products such as clothing, leather shoes, boots, etc. Due to the high moisture content of these products, they are prone to bacterial growth and require products with good anti mold effects. Huawin adhesive anti mold tablets are their anti mold guards.


Huawin Adhesive Anti Mold Tablets are made from copperplate paper, added with mustard oil and fragrant leaf oil, and processed through various processes such as gluing, printing, essential oil coating, and lamination. The anti mold ingredients it releases can react with moisture in the environment and release anti mold factors, creating an anti mold space that effectively protects clothing products such as shoes and bags from the inside out.


Returning to Wet days, if you want the goods in the warehouse to be less prone to mold, you need to pay attention to their anti mold and moisture-proof measures. Fujian Huawin Chemical Co., Ltd. is committed to providing customers with high-quality anti mold and moisture-proof products and solutions, helping your products efficiently solve mold problems.