Cigar maintenance equipment, revealing the maintenance magic of cedar wood cigar box

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Once you enter the world of cigars, it is as deep as the sea. After all, from raising eggplants to smoking them, it contains profound knowledge and culture. If you want to become a qualified cigar smoker, it is particularly important to be familiar with these cigar knowledge.


As the saying goes, those who keep cigars raise the soul of cigars. Since cigars have high requirements for environmental temperature and humidity, cigar owners must not only master some maintenance skills in maintaining cigars, but also choose the right storage equipment.


If you are a cigar lover who pursues the quality of cigars, then you must choose a useful cigar maintenance equipment - cedar wood cigar box. Next, I will share with you the charm of cedar wood cigar box.


Why are cigars stored in cedar boxes? In fact, the main reason is that the cedar box provides an ideal environment for cigars, which helps the long-term preservation and aging of cigars. Here are a few key factors for storing cigars in a cedar box:


①Maintain humidity

There are many wood fiber conduits and pores on the surface of natural cedar wood, which are conducive to the retention of moisture and the absorption of excess moisture in the conditioning box, thereby maintaining the stability of the humidity in the cigar box.


②Add fragrance

The aroma of cigars is very subtle and volatile and requires special protection from outside odors. The cedar wood itself has a natural aroma, which can neutralize the bad odor that the cigar may absorb. At the same time, the aroma of cedar wood can also blend with the tobacco aroma of the cigar, thereby better adding complexity and layering to the cigar.


③Promote alcoholization

The aging of cigars is a slow chemical change process that requires appropriate temperature and humidity. The cedar box provides a suitable environment that helps the oils and aroma substances in the cigar gradually evaporate and mix, making the taste of the cigar become more rounded and rich over time.


④Prevent eggplant

The natural resin and acidic aroma contained in cedar wood have a certain anti-insect effect, which can prevent the invasion of cigar bugs and other pests and protect cigars from damage.


After understanding the magic of cedar wood cigar boxes, I have to say that cedar wood cigar boxes are the right-hand assistant of cigar smokers. It is like an old friend who understands you and silently guards your cigars.


This cedar wood humidor is made of thick natural cedar logs. It is not only durable and well-sealed, but also emits a natural aroma, which can prevent cigars from getting insects and enrich the flavor of cigars. It also has a built-in humidifier and cigar tray. It is a great choice for cigars. natural partner.


Cedar logs are naturally mellow and more reliable

This cedar wood cigar box is carefully selected from high-quality natural cedar wood. It has a natural texture and exudes a natural mellow aroma. In addition, the overall box body is made of fine workmanship and is pressed together with rivets. The seams are tight. It not only has good sealing performance, but also gives the cigars Create a good moisturizing and aging environment, safe and reliable to use.


Compartment Tray Mellows Cigar Flavor

The large-capacity box is also equipped with natural raw-cut cigar compartment trays or partitions. During the storage of cigars, the air in the box can flow and the humidity is even, which not only prevents the cigars from becoming moldy, but also allows the cigars to age better.


Two-way humidity control precisely controls cigar humidity

Of course, in order to better ensure that the cigars can be stored in a specific humidity environment, a 60g moisturizing pack is also equipped, which can achieve two-way precise humidity control, making the cigars more moisturizing and better mellowing the flavor of the cigars.


Precision hygrometer with visible humidity inside the box

In order to have a clearer understanding of the humidity of the cigars in the box, a hygrometer is also equipped, which not only makes it easy to observe the humidity of the cigars in the box, but also ensures whether the moisturizing pack is still effective.


In general, this cedar wood humidor is particularly suitable for aging cigars. It also has a variety of specifications and can accommodate 20,30,50, 100, 120 cigars, etc., and comes with a humidifier, hygrometer, and cigars. Cut, etc., to better ensure the flavor of the cigar and extend its service life.


For those who love cigars, a high-quality cedar box is indispensable. If you like it, get it now!