[Desiccant] Huawin calcium chloride desiccant, a good helper for preventing mildew in leather shoes, clothing, bags

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Calcium chloride desiccant is a very cost-effective moisture-proof product, and it absorbs quickly and can effectively reduce space humidity in a short period of time. It is the ideal moisture-proof desiccant for leather shoes, clothing, and luggage manufacturers.


As we all know, in rainy seasons, the air humidity is often higher than 80% RH, which can easily cause varying degrees of moisture damage. Especially during the spring and summer transition periods, as the temperature rises, it is also a period of high incidence of mold outbreaks.


For many leather shoes, clothing, and luggage factories, the warehouses are filled with raw materials, finished products, and semi-finished products. These products themselves are rich in nutrients needed for mold growth. In addition, the glue and printing and dyeing pigments used in product processing may also contribute to the reproduction of mold.


Once the humidity in the storage environment is too high, leather shoes, clothing, bags and other products can easily cause mildew, fading, odor and other problems, thus affecting the quality and normal use of the product.


In addition, mold growth and changes are not visible to the naked eye. Once the product is delivered to the customer, it will cause irreparable economic losses!


Therefore, it is recommended that factories must prevent mildew before it occurs and do a good job of preventing mildew and moisture to avoid larger losses in the future. In order to better help manufacturers fundamentally solve the moisture problem in warehouses, Huawin Chemical developed this [calcium chloride desiccant].


The difference before and after moisture absorption

Huawin's calcium chloride desiccant is made from selected powdered calcium chloride and has active ingredients. When calcium chloride reacts chemically with moisture, it will convert the absorbed water vapor into a gel and lock it in the dry In the agent package, it can reduce the re-emission of water vapor, and at the same time prevent moisture spillage from causing damage to the goods.


Moisture absorption performance is one step faster than others

Calcium chloride desiccant has strong moisture absorption and moisture resistance capabilities. As the humidity increases, the adsorption capacity becomes stronger, and at the same humidity, the moisture absorption rate is higher than other desiccants. It can be seen from the experimental data that Huaying calcium chloride desiccant has a moisture absorption rate of more than 200% under the conditions of a humidity of 25°C and a relative humidity of 90%.


Double-layer packaging absorbs moisture and does not leak

As the saying goes, high moisture absorption rate means high water absorption. In order to prevent the calcium chloride desiccant from leaking, it uses double-layer packaging of outer coated non-woven fabric + inner layer of transparent film and outer coated non-woven fabric. , firmly locks in moisture and does not leak.


Complete specifications and high cost performance

Not only that, this calcium chloride desiccant is available in various specifications such as 2g, 5g, 10g, 25g, etc., and the dosage can be determined according to the space occupied by the clothes. For example, if the space is less than 0.01m³, only one pack of 2g calcium chloride desiccant is needed. Yes; if the storage space capacity of the product is relatively large, the usage can be increased appropriately.



If you want to keep your down jacket in a relatively dry environment at all times and less prone to mold, welcome to consult Fujian Huaying Chemical Co., Ltd. We can customize an exclusive desiccant product solution for you to better help your products Take measures to prevent moisture and mildew.