[Cigar Care Knowledge] A bottle of cigar Humidity Control Liquid to solve the problem of cigar care

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As is well known, cigars have high requirements for storage environment. Many cigar enthusiasts, due to lack of experience, often store cigars that are too dry or too wet, leading to mold, insect growth, oblique burning, blockage, and explosion, causing noble cigars to lose their original value.


Therefore, in order to enjoy the complete and mysterious taste of cigars, it is necessary to rely on "70% cultivation", and the key to this "cultivation" process is to provide a temperature and humidity environment for cigars, ensuring that cigars can be stored in a constant temperature environment of 16-20 ℃ and a constant humidity environment of 65% -75%.


Of course, in order to ensure that cigar storage can maintain a better humidity range, various moisturizing products specifically designed for cigars have emerged on the market. They can maintain appropriate humidity for cigars, maintain their flavor and taste, and extend their shelf life.However, there are many types of products on the market that can balance the humidity of cigars. For inexperienced cigar enthusiasts, choosing a good cigar moisturizing product has become a headache.


For most cigar enthusiasts, they usually choose a tabletop moisturizing box (box) for storing cigars. When using it, it is good to add cigar Humidity Control Liquid. Simply add the Humidity Control Liquid to the humidifier of the cigar box, and the humidity inside the moisturizing box can be maintained at 70% for more than 3 months, achieving the effect of cigar maintenance.


MICRO-FRESH's Cigar Humidity Control Liquid is a scientifically proportioned moisturizing agent mixed with distilled water. It has the characteristics of being odorless, reliable, absorbent, and has good moisture regulating properties, which can reduce sudden or critical humidity level fluctuations inside the cigar box.It can better help maintain a constant humidity of around 70% inside the cigar box, prevent cigar mold, reduce mold growth, and promote cigar fermentation and maturation. It can be regarded as a practical cigar moisturizing tool.


Constant humidity stability, aged cigars

The moisture retention performance of this cigar Humidity Control Liquid is very stable, mainly due to its superior raw material ratio, which can help stabilize the humidity of the cigar box at around 70%, and also prevent the growth of mold, better promoting the maturation of cigars.


Strong penetration, long-lasting moisturizing

In addition, this Humidity Control Liquid also has strong penetration power. It can not only moisturize the surface of the cigar, but also maintain the humidity inside the cigar. Enable cigars to remain constant within a suitable humidity range for a long time.


Specially made bottle cap, removable liquid injection

In order to make it more convenient for everyone to use, this Humidity Control Liquid has a specially designed movable injection hole bottle mouth, which can be easily opened and closed by gently moving your fingers up and down, allowing you to inject more easily.


Of course, in terms of use, this Humidity Control Liquid is also very convenient. Just unscrew the lid, tear off the leak proof tin foil, screw on the water injection cover, open the water injection button, and then inject the Humidity Control Liquid into the mesh of the Humidity Control Liquid. Generally, let it sit for 10-15 minutes after injection.


In addition, different Humidity Control Liquids also have differences in the frequency of using Humidity Control Liquids. For example, chip Humidity Control Liquids are generally used once per week, cylindrical Humidity Control Liquids are used once per two weeks, and high-capacity Humidity Control Liquids (≥ 50 cigars) are used once per month.Reminder: Inject Humidity Control Liquid into the Humidity Control Liquid through the mesh, and wait for the Humidity Control Liquid to adhere to the sponge or carrier to ensure that it does not overflow.

Overall, this cigar Humidity Control Liquid is easy to carry and is particularly suitable for desktop cigar boxes. It can help stabilize the humidity of the cigar box at around 70%, providing protection for your cigars.