How to care for cigars when traveling? Portable cigar moisturizer bag is here for you

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As we all know, cigars have high requirements for the temperature and humidity of the storage environment. This is mainly because the bacteria in the cigar leaves need to be in this specific humidity and temperature environment to "move", so that the cigars can continue to "grow". This preserves the unique flavor of the cigar.


In other words, a rolled cigar is not "dead". It can only preserve its unique rich flavor through correct maintenance. Of course, if the cigars are stored in an improper environment, such as if the humidity is too high, they will be easily contaminated by mold, causing the cigars to become moldy; if the humidity is too low, they will easily become brittle and rough, making the cigars less effective.This is why many cigar smokers end the process hastily before they taste the truly wonderful taste of cigars. This is because the maintenance of cigars is not done properly.


Therefore, you need to pay attention to adjusting the humidity level of cigar storage on a daily basis. At this time, you need to use professional cigar storage tools to restore them to their original state, so as to avoid being too dry or too wet, causing damage to the wrapper, or even being impossible to smoke at all.This cigar moisturizing bag is a wise choice for cigar smokers, especially those who often go on business or travel. It is very convenient to use this moisturizing bag.


This cigar moisturizing bag is made of high-quality functional composite materials and has a built-in humidity-controlling paper with two-way humidity control. It is odorless, safe and reliable, has high humidity-control accuracy, good humidity-control performance, and wide applicability. It can ensure that the products in the bag are Stay fresh and extend life.


Excellent humidity control performance

For cigars that require a very high storage environment, this cigar moisturizing bag is very good for storing. In addition to its good sealing, there is also a little secret hidden in the middle of the bag - a built-in humidity-controlling paper, so that the moisture in the moisturizing bag The cigars are well protected.


Don't underestimate this humidity-conditioning tablet. It is made of high-quality plant fibers and has good humidity-regulating properties. It is very accurate and stable in both "moisture absorption" and "moisture release".


Reliable and convenient to use

In addition, the packaging bag of this cigar humidity-conditioning bag is made of high-quality reverse osmosis membrane and functional composite materials, which is strong and not easy to break. It is not only easy to use, but also can achieve a good humidity-conditioning effect.


Of course, during use, cigar smokers must remember to tighten the bag seal after storing cigars to avoid affecting the storage condition of the cigars.


Humidity adjustment speed controllable

In order to meet customers' individual needs for humidity control speed, this cigar moisturizing bag can not only combine different adsorption substrates, but also packaging materials with different moisture permeability to help customers better protect their cigars.


Can be customized as needed

Not only that, this cigar moisturizing bag can also be processed with customized size, thickness, packaging material printing, humidity specifications, etc. according to different application scenarios. For example, various humidity specifications such as 32%, 49%, 62%, 65%, 69%, 72%, 75%, 84%, etc. can be customized.


In general, if you are traveling, you can use this cigar moisturizer bag to store cigars. It not only automatically releases moisture and adjusts the humidity balance of cigars, but is also simple to use and easy to carry. It is a good tool for storing cigars.