A must-have wardrobe moisture absorbent bag for families is here to quickly take away the moisture worries

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2023 can be described as a rainy year. Due to global warming, ocean temperatures rise, which increases the water vapor content in the atmosphere, resulting in faster, heavier, and more rainfall this year.


In the face of continuous rainy weather, the air humidity is often higher than 80% RH, and the risk of moisture in the home has also increased. In particular, the moisture in the wardrobe will also increase sharply, causing beautiful clothes to easily become damp, moldy and other problems.



Once the wardrobe is in a humid environment, it provides a suitable breeding ground for mold, and these molds attach themselves to the clothes, shoes and other organic materials in the wardrobe and multiply, causing fabric discoloration, leather damage, metal rust, Clothes shrink, etc., and may even produce unpleasant odors in the clothes.In order to prevent clothes from getting damp, you have to find ways to absorb excess moisture in the wardrobe. The use of moisture absorbent bags is an effective solution to moisture absorption. It can quickly absorb moisture in the air and keep the wardrobe dry.


Today I would like to recommend to you a special dehumidification weapon for home wardrobes - MICRO-FRESH hanging moisture absorbent bag. It is an effective and convenient moisture-proof and moisture-absorbing bag that can keep home wardrobes dry at all times.


The MICRO-FRESH hanging moisture absorbent bag uses calcium chloride desiccant to quickly absorb moisture and has a large moisture absorption capacity of up to 200%. It also uses high-quality breathable packaging materials and reduces the breathable area to avoid the risk of leakage and achieve Scientifically collects water and can be used for a longer period of time. Just hang it up and quickly take away the trouble of moisture. It is a common household item on rainy and humid days.


Physical adsorption, with large moisture absorption capacity

The main benefit of the MICRO-FRESH hanging moisture absorbent bag is that it can absorb excess moisture in the surrounding air. This is mainly due to its selected calcium chloride desiccant particles as hygroscopic substances, which can quickly absorb moisture and have a large moisture absorption capacity, up to 200 %.


Moreover, it uses physical adsorption and contains no harmful substances. Using such a moisture absorbent bag can not only effectively reduce the humidity level in the wardrobe, but also can be used with confidence when storing underwear and baby clothes in the wardrobe.


Water storage bag design, remarkable water collection effect

Of course, you can also clearly see the moisture absorption effect of the MICRO-FRESH moisture absorbent bag, because it is designed with a transparent water collection bag. After moisture absorption, the moisture can be quickly concentrated into the water collection bag, and the water collection effect is clear at a glance.


In addition, the water collection bag is made of tear-resistant and durable OPP plastic, which can firmly lock in moisture and prevent water from leaking back. Even if you rub it hard, you will not be afraid of water leakage.


New upgrade to avoid the risk of leakage

Not only that, in order to better avoid the risk of leakage and achieve scientific water collection, this MICRO-FRESH hanging moisture absorbent bag uses a high-barrier film + anti-leakage breathable film as its breathable packaging material, and reduces the breathable area, not only the use time It lasts longer and is very reliable and safe to use.


Just hang it up and bid farewell to humidity effortlessly

Designed to imitate a clothes hanger and equipped with PP plastic hooks, it is easy to use. In this way, just hang it on the clothes rail in the closet, and it can absorb moisture easily and permanently, keeping the clothes dry easily and without any mildew smell.


One bag can be used for multiple purposes and can be hung wherever it is wet

The use of MICRO-FRESH moisture absorbent bags is not limited by the scene environment and can be used in small enclosed spaces, such as wardrobes, closets, bathrooms, and basements. They can also be hung in some storage areas to protect items such as clothes, shoes, documents and electronics from moisture damage.


At the same time, it is also very convenient to use. Just tear open the outer bag and take out the MICRO-FRESH moisture-absorbent bag, then take out the hanging buckle to install it, and hang the moisture-absorbent bag at the desired location.


Of course, in addition to the above advantages, this MICRO-FRESH hanging moisture absorbent bag also has a very big advantage, that is, it is cost-effective and has low maintenance requirements. Compared with large dehumidifiers or other humidity control systems, it is definitely a Cost-effective solution is a practical option for moisture absorption in small spaces.