For real high-end cigar players, cedar sawdust/ wood chip are a must-have auxiliary tool for cigar maintenance.

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Cigars are a favorite tobacco product among gentlemen. They are like precious gems, shining with noble temperament and taste, especially the unique mellow flavor that is even more fascinating.


However, cigars pay attention to "one-third smoke, seven-cent nourishment". Storing cigars is a huge project. In addition to daily prevention of mold, insects, dryness, explosion, etc. in cigars.


More importantly, in order to better age the cigar, the so-called aging is to reduce the odor of the cigar, making the cigar more mellow, while retaining the original flavor and taste of the cigar. Through long-term maturation and continuous fermentation, the cigar reaches the Best state.Therefore, aging cigars requires enough patience and perseverance, and you even need to know some storage methods. For real high-end cigar players, they also equip their cigars with a complete set of maintenance tools, such as sealed boxes, cigar cutters, humidifiers and other essential tools.


In addition, they also know how to use some cigar auxiliary tools to make their cigars better. Among them,  cedar sawdust/ wood chip are their must-have storage configurations.Because cedar wood has the advantages of repelling insects, good water absorption, and releasing the aroma of cedar wood, it is not only a good material for making cigar cabinets and cigar boxes, but also can be made into cedar sawdust/ wood chip, which is also very good for cigars!


Just like this cedar sawdust/wood chips, it is rich in essential oils, has the effect of preventing nightshade, and can emit a natural mellow aroma, which can accelerate the aging of cigars, increase the aroma and micro-changes of cigars, and make the cigars taste better. In addition, it has good moisture absorption/release properties, making the cigar humidity more stable and balanced. At the same time, the unique fragrance released can also inhibit the growth of nightshade insects and prevent cigars from drying out or becoming moldy.


Selected materials, natural and paint-free

This cedar sawdust/ wood chip is processed from natural unpainted Spanish cedar logs. It is not derived from production waste, has no powder, and is safe and reliable to use.


Aging cigars and preventing nightshade

In order to better enrich and mellow the taste of cigars, making the taste more delicate and mellow. The addition of cedar sawdust/ wood chip to this cigar is very important because it can release the natural cedar aroma and soak the aroma of the cedar wood itself into the cigar, making the cigar emit a richer aroma. The longer the time, the stronger the aroma.


Not only that, the unique aroma emitted by cedar wood can also inhibit the growth of nightshade insects and prevent the breeding of nightshade insects in cigars.


Absorb moisture and release moisture to balance humidity

In addition, this cedar sawdust/ wood chip also has good water absorption and moisture release properties. It automatically absorbs excess water when it is wet and releases water vapor when it is dry, balancing the humidity of the cigar and preventing the cigar from drying out and becoming moldy.


And it’s very easy to use. If your cigars are on the moist side,Simply place the cedar sawdust/ wood chip in a sealed humidor and place the cigars on top of the cedar sawdust/ wood chip. It will take about two weeks to gently lower the cigars to your desired humidity.On the contrary, if the cigar is too dry, you can use it with a moisturizing pack and  cedar sawdust/ wood chip. You can achieve good results in about 2 weeks. Of course, the specific drop/rise time needs to be accurately measured with a hygrometer.


In general, whether it is cedar sawdust/ wood chip, they are also essential auxiliary tools for mellowing cigars. If you want to make your cigars more perfect, prepare them now!