A more mellow cigar? This Cigar Hydration Pack can keep humidity constant and diffuse fragrance

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Noble cigars have a deep and mysterious taste and are highly favored by cigar lovers. However, if you want to enjoy this mellow cigar, its maintenance is crucial.


Because cigars need to be stored in a specific temperature and humidity environment (generally cigars need to be stored in an environment with a relative temperature of around 18°C and a relative humidity of around 70%) to maintain their rich flavor.


However, for those who are new to cigar smoking, lack of experience in cigar care can easily cause the cigars to become too dry or too wet.


If the humidity of a cigar is too high, it will not only be prone to mold, insects, slant burning, and blockage, but it will also burn unevenly, destroying the smoke, aroma, and taste of the cigar.


If the cigar is too dry, it will easily burst, crack, and the essential oil contained in the cigar will easily evaporate, causing the flavor of the cigar to disappear.


Therefore, in order to maintain the richness and flavor of cigars, moisturizing tools are needed, and economical and portable Cigar Hydration Pack have become a maintenance artifact for cigar lovers.


Today I would like to share with you a newly upgraded flavor-enhancingCigar Hydration Pack. Although it is a small bag, it plays a big role. It can achieve two-way constant humidity, ensuring that cigars are stored in a suitable humidity range, and at the same time it can evaporate the fragrance, allowing you to better enjoy the subtle and mellow taste of cigars.


This flavor-enhancing Cigar Hydration Pack selects superior humidifying agents as moisture-absorbing carriers, scientifically mixes pure water and spices, and develops them into a gel state. It not only has high humidity control accuracy, but can also release coffee or whiskey aroma. It is great to use it to mellow cigars.


Two-way humidity control, accurate and stable

As the name implies, Cigar Hydration Pack can "absorb moisture" or "release moisture". Generally, when the ambient humidity is low, the moisturizing bag will release moisture. On the contrary, if the ambient humidity is too high, the moisturizing bag will absorb moisture, thereby maintaining the appropriate humidity of the cigar.


This is mainly due to the scientific ratio of humidifier and pure water in the Cigar Hydration Pack, so both the "moisture absorption" and "moisture release" performance are precise and stable.


Release the aroma and mellow the cigar

This flavor-enhancing Cigar Hydration Pack not only has remarkable humidity-regulating properties, but also has the ability to emit a unique fragrance. It adds unique spices that can volatilize the aroma of coffee or whiskey. Storing cigars in such a moisturizing bag can better increase the mellowness of the cigars.


Imported packaging materials, considerate rounded corners

Not only that, this fragrance-enhancing moisturizing bag uses imported two-way moisture-permeable paper packaging material, which is strong and tough, and is equipped with heat-sealing edge sealing technology, so there will be no risk of leakage. At the same time, the packaging design is also very considerate, with rounded corners, which prevents the cigars from being cut or punctured during use.


A variety of humidity, you can choose

In addition, this product has a variety of humidity specifications including 32%, 49%, 62%, 65%, 69%, 72%, 75%, and 84%. You can choose the appropriate humidity specification according to the condition of the cigar to better mellow the personalized flavor of the cigar.


Independent packaging, ready to use

This flavor-enhancing Cigar Hydration Pack is also very convenient to use. It adopts an independent small packaging design, does not take up space, and can be taken and used anytime, so it is very convenient for many cigar lovers to carry when going out, and they can enjoy the unique flavor of cigars at any time.


Of course, the maintenance of cigars requires selecting a suitable Cigar Hydration Pack based on many factors such as the maintenance status of the cigars, storage space, storage environment, etc. Only by using the correct humidity specifications can the unique flavor of cigars be better mellowed.


Number of cigars

Number of humidor packs for different cigar materials

Wood material

Plastic material


1pack 10g

1pack 10g



1pack 60g


2-5packs 60g

3packs 60g



4packs 60g


1pack 400g

5packs 60g


In addition, under normal circumstances (except in special environments), the RH humidity value of the moisturizing bag should be selected according to the condition of the cigar. For example, if the ambient temperature is higher than 30℃, it is recommended to use a 62% or 65%  Cigar Hydration Pack; if the ambient temperature is lower than 10℃, it is recommended to use a 72% or 75% Cigar Hydration Pack, and if the ambient temperature is around 20℃, it is recommended to use a 69% or 72% Cigar Hydration Pack.


In short, if you want to enjoy the inherent flavor of cigars, you must be meticulous in maintenance. Cigar lovers, what are you waiting for? With this flavor-enhancing Cigar Hydration Pack, your cigar life will definitely be better.